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Kaz ohta headshot Release Note 20181101 is now available Nov 1st, 2018
  • New Look for Arm Treasure Data Console - Private Beta Coming Soon
  • Import: Box - Beta
  • Import: Support for Add_Columns in the Columns Filter Plugin
  • Export: Box - Beta
  • Export: Tableau Hyper Support
  • Query: Presto 0.205 is Now Default - Changes Required by November 15, 2018
Kaz ohta headshot Release Note 20181001 Oct 1st, 2018
  • Export: Google Sheets Beta
  • Import: YouTube Analytics Beta
  • Import: Mailchimp
  • Export: Cheetah Digital Mail Publisher Smart Beta Continues
  • Export: Writing Job Results into CyberAgent Ameba
  • Import: Marketo Improvement
  • User Experience: Skip Integration Preview Errors
  • User Experience: Create Source Data Transfer Directly from Connections
  • Query: Presto 0.205 Now Live - SQL Changes Required
  • Query: User-Defined Partitioning Now Available